Welcome to High Ku
This is an Experiment
I hope you enjoy

By: HK


Hello there kitty
Want to watch the X Files Now
I thought you would, meow!

By: Derek D

Safe AA Meeting

Aliens are here
Every Friday Forward
Can you see them now?

By: Derek D

Title Done

It is nice when you
Find that you have already
Accomplished the task

By: Derek D

Farther Ahead Then Expected

A sense of relief
Can be realized, when we
Take a step back now.

By: Derek D


Welcome to the now
We become what we are in
The Now, are you here

By: Derek D

Ghosts & Time

I see ghosts and time
But I dont believe in them
Your ghosts and mine now

By: Derek D


Empathy washes
Over me, over my soul ...
Eyes widen, then peace.

By: Derek D

One Night in NYC

Fritz is da man yeah.
Running around like no one.
Let him do his thing.

By: Derek D